Beaches of Kos

Three quarters of Kos Island is covered by long sandy sea shores. These can be visited

by any means of transport. Within the coastal resorts these are accessible by foot. There

are a mixture of beaches ranging from long sandy, short shingle to black volcanic

throughout the island of Kos.

Psalidi Beach

( Kos Town )

psalidi beach

This beach has both sand and pebbles. Well organised with sunbeds and umbrellas

and sea sports. Clear waters, ideal for snorkelling. With many traditional taverns

serving a variety of local or international dishes for every taste. Just bring your towel.

Agios Fokas Beach

agios fokas beach

The beach is covered in black sand (volcanic). Of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

The locals adore it. Quiet, the main preference of families. This beach is for skillful swimmers

as the sea deepens abruptly. There is also a tavern serving traditional Greek food.

Therma Beach

therma beach

After Agios Fokas Beach, below an impressive rocky landscape at the far side of Kos

town lies the beach of Therma. The waters reputably bear healing properties as they

are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and sodium. These elements are

the basis in cures for skin related, arthritic, rheumatic diseases, injuries etc. The

temperature of the waters range between 30-50 celsius. A pod has been made

surrounded by rocks allowing the seawater in and hence cooling the hot waters.

The Therma can be visited by bus, car and bicycle.

Mylos Beach

mylos beach

Mylos beach is another great beach. It has white, fine, clean sand. Also awarded with the

blue flag by the European Commission. The keywords to this beach are: Mylos Beach bar,

great music, young people, drinks, various live performances at night.

Lambi Beach

lambi beach

The beach of Lambi is located in Kos town and stretches for 1 kilometre. It is an organised

sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas as well as various restaurants, snack bars and cafes.

Karnayio Beach

( after Aeolos Hotel )

karnayio beach

The name of the beach means "abandoned boatyard" (karnayio). The sea is shallow, the

beach is clean and sandy. It's a quiet beach, with a small tavern serving traditional dishes.

Tigaki Beach - Tingaki Beach

tigaki beach

The beach of Tigaki is 13 kilometers from the centre of Kos town. It is one of the most

beautiful and popular beaches in Kos Island. It has a long sandy beach extending over 10

kilometers with crystalline shallow waters. There is an abundance of greenery and flowers

There is the usual flourish of restaurants, taverns, bars, shops and amenities such as water

sports, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Nudist Beach

nudist beach

There is a nudist beach to the left of the main beach of Tigaki.

Marmari Beach

marmari beach

The beach of Marmari is 15 kiometers from the center of Kos town. It is 5 kilometres

from the village of Pyli. This beach is similar to Tigaki beach. It is less crowded, and

has taverns with traditional Greek mezedes and fresh fish.

Tam-Tam Beach

( on the way to Mastichari village )

tam tam beach

It reminds you of a tropical location. You can rent beds and umbrellas, or simply bring

your towel. It's a quiet beach with fine sand. The waters are very clean, and are ideal for

windsurfing. Fans of water sports can enjoy them in the big Hotels nearby. There is a

beach bar supplying food, drink, and playing relaxing music.

Mastichari Beach


The beach of Mastichari has white sand, and its emerald waters remind you of an exotic

place. Mastichari beach is 3 kilometers north-west of Antimachia. The little port of the

village has daily boat trips to the island of Kalymnos. The village of Mastichari has the

usual assortment of restaurants, tavernas, cafes and shops.

Kardamena Beach

kardamena beach

The beach of Kardamena is located on the west coast of Kos Island. It stretches from the

villages port for over 3 kilometres. It has fine white sand and crystalline emerald waters.

In Kardamena there are well organised beaches, with clean waters, many restaurants,

bars, cafes and shops.

Sunny Beach - Marcos Beach

( on the way to Kefalos )

sunny beach

Nice waters, golden sand, less crowded.

Paradise Beach

( on the way to Kefalos )

paradise beach

Crowded, nice waters, golden sand, organised water sports, restaurant-bar, an

assortment of water sports.

Camel Beach

( on the way to Kefalos )

camel beach

A bay full of rocks. Once you drive left down the mountain you will get to the beach

which is white and sandy. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, or simply bring your towel.

Limnionas Beach

( on the way to Kefalos )

limnionas beach

On the way to Kefalos, turn right and you will reach the beach of Limnionas beach. The

beach consists of fine white sand. The water is usually wavy and rocks are to be found.

There is a tavern serving fresh fish. Bring your towel.

Agios Stefanos Beach

( on the way to Kefalos )

agios stefanos beach

Before you reach Club Mediterrane, go down on your left. Cold, crystal clean waters

await you, occasionally stony, but thereafter the sea becomes magical. Fine sand, you

can rent sunbeds or bring your towel.

Kamari Beach

( Kefalos downtown )

kamari beach

A beach is usually visited by locals. There is food for every taste, including fresh fish.

There are also organised water sports on this beach. The sea is sandy in some areas,

and stony in other areas. Worth a visit.

Agios Theologos Beach

agios theologos beach

After Kefalos we arrive at the beach of Agios Theologos. Is consists of white sand, crystal

clean waters. There are usually few people at this beach. It's more or less the end of the

island. Great atmosphere when there is a full moon ...

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